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Badass Women


Cuteness overload

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3DMG in OVA 3

I love all the gratuitous spinny-flippy things Jean is doing in row 2. Go, 3DMG specialist! ^_^

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Golden orbs skimmed the file in the woman’s hands, reading over the information of her new charge. Great, an idol. Damaris thought with a sigh, tossing the folder on the cushion next to her. This was way below her pay grade, but was what she deserved for breaking the rules. Again. The guy she was in charge of, Ren, was an idol and a son of the Jinguji household, a family she did work for often but had little knowledge of the younger brother since he never really came up. I wonder if he knows about our exchanges. The brunette had done a variety of things for his older brother, nothing too morbid, but it definitely wasn’t a saints work either.

Standing from her seat, the Welsh beauty grabbed her bag and the client info from the couch, heading towards her front door. “Time to go meet him.” Her destination was to a home she had come to know well, but with different purposes now.



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Top 10 : Favorite SNK Characters :

5. Erwin Smith — ((◄ 6 // 4 ►))


[tour guide voice] and to your left, you can see me, ruining everything

» New Meat || Closed rp with kurokoswhorehouse

Going to talk to this Daiki kid was proving to be more work than the assassin was wanting to do. She was told he played basketball and arrived at the practice on time to find the ace wasn’t there, skipping. The teams manager directed her to where he’d likely be, so that was a little less of a hassle. Honestly, the ‘known for being lazy’ fact she gained from the boys teammates worried her, but she had no other choice but to at least speak with him. Reaching the building she was directed to, Damaris started to climb the maintenance ladder, craning her neck as she neared the top to see a laying figure stretched across the flat surface of the building.



help I’m scared

first joined tumblr: woah how do you do those gifs and cool edits
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"B-but…Hide…Hide w-will know th-that I’m…that I’m a…!"  expectation vs. reality.

"you’re a monster" / "all this time…you’ve had to suffer like this."



The Samezuka Swim Club Retirement Tradition has been on Ai’s mind since he became captain… Keep those muscles at work, Ai-chan and you’ll eventually get them Perfect Body! xD

….you know everyone is gonna hold back just a TINY BIT to give aichan the Best Day Ever.


This sign is in my doctors office above the scale and I really love it. It actually made me feel a lot better after reading it



Kasamatsu cast a glance over his shoulder at Dama and a small laugh sounded from him. “But then what’s the point of getting it now? You’re supposed to get it after doing fun stuff in the snow. It’s closure.” Despite her being behind him, he gave her hand a light squeeze and continued walking after Kise and the others, already preparing a scolding for whoever would be the first to slip on ice before they even got to the skating rink. “You’re not about to get out of this that easily,” he told her, once again glancing over his shoulder. “Besides, the sooner we skate, the sooner you can get warmed up. Moving around helps too, y’know, getting that blood flowing.”

With a groan, the less than cheerful manager moved back to Kasamatsus’ side, linking their arms together. “No no, I believe hot chocolate is an event by itself and can be done at any time, like now, without having to be ‘closure’.” Rolling her eyes Damaris sped up her pace to keep in step with the team, bringing herself closer to bruises and embarrassment by ice. “I think you mean ‘the sooner I can fall on my ass’.” She mumbled under her breath irritably. 

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